The settings.ron file can be found by "Show Settings folder". If there is no file found in their directory on startup, a default one will be created.

fn main() {
    // The max number of pages to index per domain
    domain_crawl_limit: Finite(1000),
    // The max number of crawlers per domain
    inflight_domain_limit: Finite(2),
    // The max number of crawlers in total
    inflight_crawl_limit: Finite(10),
    // Not used... yet!
    run_wizard: false,
    // Not used... yet!
    allow_list: [],
    // Domains to completely ignore, regardless of the lenses you have installed.
    block_list: [
    // Shortcut to launch the search bar
    shortcut: "CmdOrCtrl+Shift+/",
    // Where to store your index and index metadata
    // The exact default location is dependent on your OS
    // - NOTE: If you're updating this for Windows, the path needs to use double backward slashes
    //   like so: "E:\\spyglass\\data"
    // - Linux & macOS uses paths like below
    data_directory: "/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/com.athlabs.spyglass",
    // By default, Spyglass will only crawl things as specified in your lenses. If you want
    // to follow links without regard to those rules, set this to true.
    crawl_external_links: false,
    // Disables sending any telemetry. Currently the only telemetry is for bug/error reporting.
    disable_telemetry: false,
    // Disables launching the application when your computer first boots up.
    disable_autolaunch: false,
    // Port that the search daemon runs on. Change this if you have another service
    // already running at this port number.
    port: 4664

Updating the Shortcut

To update the shortcut combine the following modifiers w/ an appropriate keycode combining each key with a "+".

Supported Modifiers:

  • "Option" / "Alt"
  • "Control" / "Ctrl"
  • "Command" / "Cmd" / "Super"
  • "Shift"
  • "CmdOrCtrl"


  • "CmdOrCtrl+/" => Launches the app w/ Cmd or Ctrl + /
  • "CmdOrCtrl+Shift+/" => Launches the app w/ Cmd or Ctrl + Shift + /
  • "Shift+4" => Launches the app w/ Shift + 4

NOTE: Shortcuts are allowed to have any number of modifiers but only a single key. For example, Shift+4 will work but not Shift+4+2