Installing Plugins

Plugins are located in the plugins subfolder of the spyglass data directory. To install a plugin a folder with the same name as the plugin must be placed in the plugins folder and two files added to the plugin folder. The files required for a plugin are the plugin file main.wasm and the manifest file manifest.ron

The data directory (DATA_FOLDER in the example below) is configurable and can be found in the user settings GUI under Data Directory

The folder structure is as follows

                            ------> main.wasm
                            ------> manifest.ron

The wasm file is the web assemble module that will be loaded into spyglass.


The manifest file is the configuration file that defines details about the plugin and the list of settings needed for the plugin.


To install a plugin simply place the main.wasm file and the manifest.ron files into a subfolder of the plugins folder. The proper structure can be seen above.

After copying the files into the proper directory the application will need to be restarted. After restart the plugin should be listed in the Plugins configuration section. The plugin will need to be enabled in the GUI to be loaded.

Note that if the plugin does not show up in the Plugins list there was likely an error reading the plugin configuration. Any errors reading the configuration can be found in the server log.