Launching & Using Spyglass

After you've successfully installed Spyglass, launch the application from where you normally find newly installed applications.

If the app has been successfully launched, you'll see a little menubar icon like the following:

macOS menubar icon & menu

On Windows, this will appear as a colorful spyglass icon in your system tray (bottom right).

Windows tray icon & menu

On Ubuntu Linux, this will appear as a color spyglass icon in the top right.

j Searchbar

Once launched, press Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + / to open Spyglass. This hotkey can be configured in your settings.

If for some reason this hotkey is not working, you can launch the search bar directly with the Show search menu item.

Finding & Applying a lens

Queries prefixed with / will search through your installed lenses. Select the lens you want to search through and hit Enter to apply it to your current search.

Searchbar with list of lenses

Selecting and Opening a Result

As you're searching, use the arrow keys to select the result you want and hitEnter to open the link in your default browser. You may also use your house to click on any result in the list to do the same thing.

Search results